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Watch Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Sung 20 Different Ways

Thriller, Michael Jackson, Youtube, Viral, 20 Different Ways, Halloween, Anthony Vincent

Over the summer, “10 Second Songs” star Anthony Vincent made a good deal of Internet noise with his multiple-impressions cover of Linkin Park’s “In The End.” Now, in honor of the impending Hallo-holidays, the YouTuber is back with a 20-style cover of Michael Jackson’s timeless “Thriller.”

Some snap judgments: his Jackson itself could use some work (nasally intonations do not a MJ make), but his Marilyn Manson is scarily accurate, and there’s nothing quite like watching a grown man dressed in zombie makeup pretending to be the Spice Girls singing “Thriller.” Other noteworthy impressions include Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits (yes, really), Rick Astley, and Busta Rhymes (we were all clamoring for it). Watch the unsettling video above.