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Thom Yorke Doesn’t ‘Like’ or ‘Fave’ Social Media All That Much

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If you’re reading this article because you clicked on a link on Twitter, Facebook, or any other form of social media, then Thom Yorke might not respect you. Sorry.

The Radiohead frontman sent out a vaguely techno-phobic email on Wednesday morning to promote his new solo album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which has been downloaded more than one million times since it was released on BitTorrent in September (via Stereogum). Yorke typed up the message to let fans know about the album in case they had somehow not heard about it yet.

In the note, the Atoms for Peace singer said he didn’t blame fans for having missed the album’s release. “[It] may be perhaps because you don’t engage with ‘social media’ in which case you have my utmost respect,” the self-proclaimed Luddite continued. Yorke did not elaborate on why he hates social media, or why email is somehow a fine way to connect on the web, but he did include links to purchase the album. Share ’em with your friends!