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Taylor Swift Welcomes ‘Letterman’ Crowd to New York

taylor swift, 1989, letterman

Taylor Swift is wasting no time settling into her role as New York City’s newest tourism ambassador. In an already mega-successful week — which includes the distinct possibility of her just-released album, 1989, going platinum — Taylor dropped by Late Show With David Letterman to perform her latest single, “Welcome to New York.” 

Grinning and snapping her fingers in a glittering green romper (gee, I wonder who she’s trying to look like?), Taylor delivered the lyrics to “New York” supported by a troupe of backup singers and, of course, some oh-so-’80s synths. Whether or not you agree with the track’s legitimacy as a city-wide anthem (sorry, but this city “waits” for no one, Tay), you gotta admit: girl did a really good job.

Swift also filled the interview segment of Letterman; she spoke to Dave about hosting “secret” listening sessions of her new album, and discussed her newfound best friendship with Girls star Lena Dunham. “I think since we’re both writers first,” Swift said. “She writes her show, and I write my music, and everything we do stems from that creative process — we have a lot to relate to each other on. And we’re also both way enthusiastic about everything.” 

Watch the performance above, the interview below, and grab 1989 on iTunes