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Sting and Jimmy Fallon Turn Boring Ringtones Into ‘Stingtones’

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If you’re tired of your boring old cellphone ringtones, Sting and Jimmy Fallon have some alternatives. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee stopped by The Tonight Show to offer his distinctive take on a couple classic ringtones — “Stingtones,” if you will. He covered “Marimba,” the classic Nokia ringtone, and “Xylophone,” which really sounded like it would be right at home on Synchronicity. “My lawyers will be on [the phone]!” Sting joked. “That’s my tone!”

The Police singer also provided one lucky audience member with the best imaginable voicemail greeting for his iPhone. “Sorry I’m away / Looks like you missed me / Oh! / You just leave your name / When you hear the beep / Oh!” he belted into the phone. “I hope that you will leave a message on my voicemail, yeah.” Voicemails are a scourge, but if we got to hear a custom song from Sting every time we called, you can bet we’d be leaving a lot more messages.