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Sam Smith Asks Ed Sheeran to ‘Stay With Me’ in Concert

sam smith, ed sheeran

In a performance that’ll likely leave pop fans and teen girls’ hearts palpitating for days to come, Sam Smith invited Ed Sheeran to join him onstage last night to sing “Stay With Me.” 

Smith, who was performing at Manchester’s Albert Hall, waited until the second verse of “Stay With Me” to invite the “Lego House” singer onstage. Once he did, the house errupted into a chrorus of high-pitched shrieks. (No, really, we urge you not to watch this video with the volume turned up too high.) Once the boys completed their duet, they shared a sweet hug, which, naturally, resulted in another wave of ear-piercing wails.

All hearing loss aside, the duo really do look and sound lovely together. Watch (and brace yourself) above.