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Kendrick Lamar Joins Prince for a Bombastic Performance of ‘What’s My Name’


Prince may not have time to answer questions on Facebook, but he can always make room for an unexpectedly exciting collaboration. On Tuesday evening, the Minneapolis rock legend invited the “i” rapper Kendrick Lamar to perform with him during his album release party, as if either of them couldn’t get any cooler.

The Yahoo-sponsored party was livestreamed across the globe to promote the release of Prince’s two new albumsART OFFICIAL AGE and PLECTRUMELECTRUM. Lamar, whose own album still has no release date, played “What’s My Name,” a somewhat obscure song from Prince’s 1998’s Crystal Ball box set. Lamar’s impassioned rapping sounds great atop Prince’s epic-as-always guitar playing, and judging by the looks on the performers’ faces, they both seem like they’re having a blast working together. 

You can view an exceprt of the performance above, although you’ll have to watch the entire livestream to see the full song. Let’s be real: you couldn’t fast-forward Prince even if you wanted to.