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Noel Gallagher Gets Hazy From the ‘Heat of the Moment’ in New Video

The clip for the 'Chasing Yesterday' cut feels very mid-'90s

Unsurprisingly for a man who was busy deluxe-reissuing the first two Oasis albums this year, Noel Gallagher finds himself a little stuck in the mid-’90s for “In the Heat of the Moment,” the new video and lead single for Gallagher’s upcoming Flying Birds LP, Chasing Yesterday.

The hazy, washed-out clip feels very 20 years ago not too far from the feel of the U.S. version of “Live Forever,” really which is appropriate for a song that definitely goes for a bit of that old Definitely Maybe strut and sheen, complete with a wordless “na-na” chorus and the meaninglessly cocksure lyrics, “At the sound of the drums, I’m gonna set you free.”

Watch the new video above, if those three-CD reissue sets weren’t enough of a Noel nostalgia fix for you. The rest of Chasing Yesterday is due out in March 2015.