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Nardwuar and TDE’s Ab-Soul Face Off in Strange New Interview

nardwuar the human serviette, ab-soul, interview

At first, Ab-Soul did not have any patience for Nardwuar’s shtick. The Black Hippy member opened the interview by warning the Canadian oddball against any funny business. “First off,” he began when Nardwuar asked him to introduce himself, “I’ma just let you know right now, before I even tell you who I am, if you say anything too weird I might punch you.”

But Narduwar quickly started to win over the hesitant West Coast rapper in his own indomitable way by discussing Ab-Soul’s grandfather, V.I.P. Records founder Cletus Anderson, and his appreciation of Malcom X, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and various burger joints. The random absurdity of the interview was fascinating, and as Nardwuar drifted from topic to topic, Ab-Soul began to enjoy himself. (Which is great news for Nardwuar, since he emerged unscathed with a possible new BFF.) Watch the whole thing above.