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Let German Viral Sensation Milky Chance Take You to ‘Loveland’

Milky Chance 'Loveland' Video Sadnecessary Sessions

Who are Milky Chance? Why, didn’t you hear the man in the video above? They are Milky Chance, and if you haven’t yet heard their song “Stolen Dance,” well, go ahead and join the 72 million people who have. Seriously, go ahead (we’ll wait) and experience this German duo’s hit folktronic sound, a thing that combines quirky acoustic songcraft with perfect pulse and subtle production. It seems like the sort of beautiful noise Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele might make if he returned to his well-missed Sleepy Jackson project today.

The Kassel-hailing gentlemen above do have their own thing going on, and they do have names: Clemens Rehbein (the one with the hair) and Philipp Dausch (the project’s producer when not unplugged). The song they’re playing here is “Loveland,” a heartful and wistful number about a place we’ve likely all been before — and had to leave at some point — that can be found on Milky Chance’s debut album Sadnecessary. That’s an import for now, but the U.S. version is due out October 14 and available for pre-order on iTunes.