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Mary J. Blige Has ‘Nobody’ Else But Sam Smith

mary j blige nobody sam smith london sessions

Well, well, Mary J. Blige’s upcoming London Sessions album is taking pretty spectacular shape. So far we’ve heard a cut produced by Disclosure (“got my drink and my two-step” for 2014 “Right Now”), then the Sam Smith cowrite “Therapy,” and the emotional gut punch that is “Whole Damn Year.” Today, Blige continued her hot streak with “Nobody (V2),” another single that features Smith’s recognizable backing vocals.

The new single features some pulsing, icy electronic touches, allowing Blige’s powerhouse vocals to float perfectly and comfortably above the melody. “I’m only hearing the words that you left me with on that day,” she sings as her voice crackles with sadness. Why is hse sad? Who did this to her? How can we right these wrongs? We’re just glad Smith has her back.

It’s another smashing K.O. of a single, and it proves that no matter the time or the place, Mary can take absolutely take anyone to church and back again in three minutes flat. Stream “Nobody” below, and look for the London Sessions on November 24.