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See Mac DeMarco Back Cars Up in Weird Short Film ‘Backer’

mac demarco, backer

In Christopher Guest’s masterful mockumentary Waiting For Guffman, Parker Posey spends an absurd amount of time talking to the camera about Dairy Queen Blizzards. Today, Mac DeMarco stars in videographer Cole Kush‘s equally irreverent short film Backer, where the Canadian singer-songwriter takes a page out of Guest’s book by describing a mind-numbingly dull topic and turning it into something weirdly thought-provoking.

In Kush’s three-minute sketch, DeMarco plays a “Backer” named “Mark Fuck” whose primary responsibiliy is assisting drivers with backing up their cars. Sounds like a pretty dull gig, but the Salad Days goofball manages to find meaning in the mundane. Speaking in a baritone voice, DeMarco says some pretty poetic stuff about, well, helping folks back their cars up. “Some say it’s a waste of time. Most people don’t need to be backed up. I just tell ’em, ‘Fuck you.'” 

Can’t argue with that. Watch Mac’s “Backer” above.