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Watch the Inimitable Lorde Sing Her Own ‘South Park’ Song

Lorde South Park Comedy Central Ya Randy Marsh

During an episode of South Park earlier this month, “Lorde” (really Randy Marsh) made an appearance to sing her captivating new single, “I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya.” The real New Zealand star was then interviewed by her country’s TV3 network in the days after the episode aired, during which she demonstrated a sense of humor about it all.

I was thinking, “Yeah he has a moustache…I mean I have a moustache, but is it that prominent?” But it was someone’s dad pretending to be me. We actually, in my hotel room, went “Ya ya ya ya I am Lorde! Ya ya ya!” for like an hour, because that’s why [sic] they do on the episode, so…

Watch the real-life Lorde very briefly sing the South Park Lorde’s smash-hit single above.