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Kanye West Reportedly Turned Down $4.5 Million for Nine Days of Work in Las Vegas

Kanye West, Las Vegas, Turned Down Millions

Kanye West has earned the right to be picky with his projects. Still, it’s somewhat shocking to hear that Yeezy turned down a massive offer to perform just nine shows on the Vegas Strip. According to TMZ, Axis at Planet Hollywood was offering him $4.5 million to play three shows a week for three weeks. Four and a half million. For nine shows.

Had he accepted the offer, West would’ve made $500,000 per show — more than anyone else on the Strip. Celine Dion currently makes the most per show by bringing in $476 thousand each concert, while Britney Spears is in a close second.

Maybe Kanye needs the time to work on his next album. But still… $4.5 million dollars, wow. Maybe now that Drake’s supposedly getting half a million for a show, Yeezus feels he’s gotta get at least 550k per to stay ahead.