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News Wears Headgear and Braces for Jimmy Fallon’s Latest ‘Ew!’ Moment

jimmy fallon william ew tonight show teens and Jimmy Fallon donned dresses and went back to high school on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show. The duo dressed up as teenage girls, complete with braces and headgear, for the latest installement of “Ew!” and, just like special guests Taylor Swift and Channing Tatum before them, the pair sang about prom, pop-culture, and other things deemed Ew!-worthy.

Fallon and — in character as “Sara” and “” — showed their distain for duck lips, implants, and bread bowls. They even dissed — *gasp* — Frozen when Fallon said, “You knowin’ I don’t wanna build a snowman. Ew! Ew!”

“I am not hating,” clarifies in a nasally voice, lest we get the wrong impression. “I am merely conversating with my bff.” Fair enough, “,” fair enough.