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Jessie Ware Sings About Rocky Relationships on ‘Keep On Lying’

Jessie Ware-Julio Bashmore-Live-Performance-Church-Keep-On Lying

Jessie Ware’s sophomore album Tough Love comes out on October 24, and in the months leading up to its release, the British powerhouse singer has done a whole lot of things so, so right. Last week Ware continued to slay with her promotional campaign by performing her new Julio Bashmore-cowritten track “Keep On Lying” at St. John At Hackney Church.

“Is it real? / I can’t tell,” Ware sings on the morning-after “what are we?” song, her voice wavering with palpable doubt. The church’s acoustics lend themselves nicely to Ware’s silky vocals, which fluctuate in power to pretty spectacular effect.

If “Keep On Lying” kept you wanting more from Tough Love, you can stream Ware’s six other singles (“Pieces,” “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe,” “Want Your Feeling,” “Say You Love Me,” “Share It All,” and the title track itself) in advance of the album’s release later this month.