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Now You Can Play Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Laugh on Musical Instruments

Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park, Sheet Music, Laugh

Earlier this year, an Internet genius warped Jeff Goldblum’s weird, unforgettable laugh from the movie Jurassic Park into a stuttering trap anthem. Then last month, Goldblum led the Late Night With Seth Meyers audience in a rousing sing-along of an unofficial theme song from the movie.

Now, fans eager to musically replicate the actor’s Jurassic laugh can do so courtesy of a dedicated Goldblum fan who has put together a three-measure piece of sheet music emulating the classic “Dr. Ian Malcolm chuckle.” That’s below, in case you’re musically inclined.

To recapture the Jurassic Park magic, listen to Goldblum’s originally, un-remixed laugh below. Maybe El-P could find some way to incorporate this into his upcoming Meow the Jewels project.