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The Internet Found Someone Who Doesn’t Know Who Jay Z and Beyonce Are

jay z, beyonce, not recognized, paris, tourist

It might not seem possible, but there’s at least one person in the world who doesn’t know who Jay Z and Beyoncé are. The power couple (and daughter Blue Ivy) were taking a private tour of the Louvre in Paris and, naturally, people wanted to film them despite security officers’ protests. One wannabe paparazzo, however, didn’t quite get what all the hullabaloo was all about.

“Who is he?” he asked as Jay Z walked by with his daughter, leading one of the world’s most popular entertainers to clap back with a firm and snarky, “Who are you?” without breaking his stride. He looked equal parts bemused and irritated and frankly, we would’ve liked to see the two-time rap summer winner respond by unleashing the fiery hook of “You Don’t Know” on the hapless videographer.