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James Blake Reveals New Track ‘Building It Still’

james blake, new song, building it still

Last night, James Blake once again filled his seat as a guest DJ for BBC Radio 1 and the beat-savvy singer-songwriter took the opportunity to debut a new song called “Building It Still.” Opening with plinking piano chords and hi-hat crashes, the track eventually transitions to an undulating bass and snippets of the U.K. crooner’s soulful vocals. With the addition of echoing synth waves, the atmospheric track comes across as a continuation of Blake’s Mercury Prize-winning sophomore album — that would be 2013’s Overgrown — and fit in nicely with other nocturnal cuts he selected for the program, which included work by Flying Lotus and Nina Simone. Stream “Building It Still” above.

It’s not yet clear if the new song will end up on Blake’s upcoming third album — which he announced earlier this year was “50 percent done” — so until then, stay tuned for any other new releases