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Rejoice, for Jaden Smith Hath Blessed Us With Yet Another New Song

jaden smith, jetskis, new song

Jaden Smith is the best rapper alive, according to Jaden Smith, and while we might not agree, there’s a case to be made that he’s becoming the most prolific. The young wordsmith did, after all, just release “Jetskis,” yet another new song following “Blue Ocean” and “Trophy” and a guest appearance at his sister Willow’s CMJ showcase on Friday night.

The new AzZi-produced track is smooth with a definite beach vibe, and Smith’s boasts about himself are pretty clever (“Talk about the album so much it’s kinda like it leaked / Damn man / Jaden’s a beast / Kinda like Grand Theft Auto with the cheats”). 

Look, there may come a time soon when everybody has to take Smith seriously. He said earlier this month that he has “two or three albums in stock ready,” so prepare yourself just in case.