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Iggy Azalea Greets ‘Iggy Szn’ With Lackluster Rhymes and Beats

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After releasing last spring’s critically panned The New Classic, Iggy Azalea has returned with the first single from that album’s forthcoming re-release, Reclassified. The track, which is called “Iggy Szn” because spelling is no longer important to anyone, features a recycled Diplo-lite beat (it doesn’t cost as much if you don’t have to slap his name on it!) and a chorus in which the Australian rapper takes an uncomfortable stab at adopting the phrase “yas” into her vocabulary (“Bad bitches scream yas / It’s Iggy season”).

She may have won the “Who Blew Up” award at last week’s BET Hip Hop Awards, but she’ll need to do a little better than “Iggy Szn” if she wants to keep anyone’s interest. Stream it below.