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Gwen Stefani and a Green Screen Star in ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ Video

gwen stefani, baby dont lie, video

First and foremost, Gwen Stefani’s new video for “Baby Don’t Lie” is an affront to YouTube’s HD video capacities. The No Doubt singer released her first solo single since 2006 last week, and the ensuing music video sees her lazily strutting through a glitchy, low-resolution land of colorful patterns and shapes. It’s a jarring rejection of aesthetic design, made all the more confusing when the last third of the video suddenly changes the scenery from a computer generated blunderland to a back alley filled with live-action cars. None of it makes a gosh darn lick of sense, but try to comprehend it yourself above. 

Stefani says she’s working with Pharrell on a solo album, and she’s also clocked up studio time for a new No Doubt record. We’ll be waiting for those to surface.