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Foo Fighters Head South to Nashville for New Song ‘Congregation’

Foo Fighters; Zac Brown, Congregation, Sonic Higways

Geez, is it Friday already? Must be, because we have our third new Foo Fighters track from Sonic Highways: “Congregation,” a Nashville road-tripper that (sadly) has nothing to do with the Afghan Whigs song of the same name. There’s a little bit of boogie to be found in the verse riffing, which is probably the Music City influence coming through, though no one’s gonna mixing these guys up with a Dolly Parton tribute outfit anytime soon. Zac Brown, Dave Grohl’s ol’ country buddy from The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1, stops by for moral support.

Listen above, and if you get done your trick-or-treating early this year, check out the excellent-so-far Sonic Highways tonight on HBO at 11:00 EST.