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Lindsey Buckingham Talks About Fleetwood Mac’s Recent Recording Sessions

Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood, New Album, Christine McVie

In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal to promote Fleetwood Mac’s extremely successful comeback tour, Lindsey Buckingham talks at length about the band’s new recording sessions and how the potential comeback album is progressing.

“Christine and I were able to concentrate on each other,” Buckingham said of the pair’s time in the studio the past few months. He noted that when the elusive British keyboardist rejoined the band earlier this year after a 16-year absence, she also brought piano and voice demos with her. “We were exploring some new turf. That became enlightening to me,” he added, noting that Stevie Nicks had been unable to sit in on the sessions due to prior selfie-related commitments.

Have no fear though: Buckingham promises that Fleetwood Mac’s members will all get to work on music together in due time:

We never envisioned finishing the album in the short term. We set it aside. Stevie will come in and participate. I have material I had been working on. There’s no danger that it will slip between the tracks. It’s too profound to.

The band plans to continue on their tour until March. There’s no word on when a potential comeback album — their first since 2003’s Say You Will — might surface, but click your heels and spin around three times while wearing a shawl and hope for the best.