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Fall Out Boy’s ‘Centuries’ Video Is Like ‘Gladiator,’ But Angstier

fall out boy, centuries, music video, gladiator

It seems like someone in Fall Out Boy has been watching Game of Thrones. The emo pop band’s new video for “Centuries” is an elaborate gladiator mini-movie, and the production values look to be just as elaborate as its life-or-death stakes. The bandmembers are cast as gladiators, forced to fight to death against a massive giant of a man — a “Mountain,” perhaps? As the intense song gets louder and screamier, Pete Wentz and friends each try to take down their terrifyingly large opponent on their own. Spoiler alert: they get their asses handed to them.

Fall Out Boy, Centuries, Video

But then they remember the mysterious stranger who gave each of them an object before they entered the arena. The four bandmates come together to try again as a team and, well, you’ll have to watch for yourself to see if they survive. (Warning: mild gore).

“Centuries” is the first single off of Fall Out Boy’s thus far untitled sixth studio album. We’ll have to check back in when it comes out and give it a thumbs down or thumbs up.