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Everclear Pull a U2, Partner With Windows 10 for Intrusive Album Release

If people loved getting a free, difficult-to-delete U2 album automatically on their iPhone 6, they’re gonna friggin’ plotz over automatically receiving the new LP from ’90s alt-rock heroes Everclear with their upcoming copy of Windows 10. Announced earlier this week and availlable sometime in early 2015, it was revealed today via a new promotional video that the “Santa Monica” hitmakers will be the next group to embrace this technological partnership and compulsory sale strategy — on CD-Rom, no less!

OK, not really: It’s all a Funny or Die bit, and it ends up with a Blue Screen of Death and an irritated young girl wondering who the 50-something-year-old appearing uninvited on her home screen is. But kudos to FoD for their excellent invocation of old-school windows iconography — yes, Clippy and the original Minesweeper game both make appearances — and kudos to Everclear for knowing how ridiculous it would be for a major company to parnter with them in 2014.

Watch the solidly amusing faux-commercial above, and enjoy Everclear’s signature tune below: