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Watch Erykah Badu Halfheartedly Busk on a New York City Street

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In the past few years, Erykah Badu has slowly turned into the wacky aunt who you love to see on holidays—who also sends you a check for $10 on your birthday, but damnit, she always remembers and that’s what really counts.

In a new, inexplicably seven-minute-long video, the elusive Baduizm singer wanders around New York’s Times Square, filming herself busking for money. Wearing her signature ten-gallon hat (Pharrell could never take her in a “Who Wore It Best?” battle), Badu mostly sings variations on “give me money” and “I need some money.” (At the very least, she could’ve walked the dozen blocks to Rockefeller Center to grab ?uestlove for a street-style twist on “You Got Me.”)

While her camera skills could use some work, that vocal game is on point. Watch Badu’s antics above.