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Hear Eddie Vedder ‘Imagine’ His Very Own John Lennon Cover

eddie vedder imagine cover john lennon

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder took a break from dipping into Disney’s catalog (remember his “Let It Go” cover?) to release his version of John Lennon’s classic song “Imagine” earlier today. Vedder, who is famously anti-war, first played his subdued and moving version of the iconic track as a means of backtracking on some controversial remarks he’d made onstage. This summer, the alt-rock legend happened to offend his Israeli fans after a rant that some interpreted as being pro-Palestine while touring in England in July. A week later in Portugal, he played “Imagine” for the first time.

“It seems like maybe there is a reason to play it,” he told the crowd at the time before beginning the song. “If you’d like join me or use your voices or hold a light there might be some people out there that need to know they are not alone.” You can watch that performance above. 

Pearl Jam’s United States tour continues this month, with a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio tonight. Vedder’s “Imagine” cover is available for purchase now.