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The Drums Swoon With the Fishes in ‘I Can’t Pretend’ Video

Drums, I Can't Pretend, Video

What do you picture when you listen to the Drums’ gorgeous ballad “I Can’t Pretend”? A slow-motion visit to the aquarium? A ballroom empty of people but full of balloons? A chill-out session on the front lawn, filmed in ’90s low-angle gauze? Good news: The Drums have set your mental images to actual film. The “Pretend” video is just about a perfect encapsulation of the swooning sensation of listening to the latest single from the band’s Encyclopedia, the year’s best Brat Pack theme that wasn’t.

Watch it above, and if you can somehow project it onto your bedroom ceiling so you can watch it while listening on headphones in bed — maybe as your parents (who never really understood you) argue about something unrelated downstairs — that would be our recommended manner of viewing.