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DREAMERS Conjure Slasher Flicks for Halloween-y ‘My Little Match’ Video


The Brooklyn-based DREAMERS won’t drop their upcoming, self-titled EP until November 18, but the alt-rock torch-bearers have shared a Halloween-themed treat to tease the record: a spooked video for addictive, psych-tinged track “My Little Match.” Filmed partially with home recording equipment to get that analog VHS effect, the clip — directed by Young Hearts Production duo Micah Weisberg and Bill Dvorak — is a 2014 take on low-budget slasher flicks with a Scream-like plot. The camera follows frontman Nick Wold as he witnesses an anonymous killer on the loose and… well, we don’t want to spoil the ending. (That said, choice murder scene: an iPhone gets lodged into someone’s skull. Too terrifying, too real.) 

Watch it above, and read what the band had to say about the video below:

“Nick wrote ‘My Little Match’ after reading the daily trash-tabloid while eating a bagel. There was an article about a New York husband who beat his wife to death for no reason. The neighbors could hear her screaming ‘I Love You. Calm down, calm down.’ The song is a nightmare — about that sick paranoia of being surrounded by the fetishized, over-stylized violence in the ‘news’ and on TV. That anxious notion that there’s a silent gas leak just around the corner, ready to burn you alive when you light a match.

The video is our take on a trashy B-Horror movie, rife with sexualized violence and ‘realistic’ gore (and like any good horror movie, a freaky twist ending). Our friends, the directors (Micah Weisberg and Bill Dvorjak) filmed parts on VHS and ran it through an old TV set to achieve the poorest quality possible.”