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CHVRCHES Head to Space in Animated ‘Under The Tide’ Video

chvrches, under the tide, video, anime, space

CHVRCHES have always had a pretty futuristic vibe to their music, so it’s only natural that the Scottish band would “go to space” someday. In the new video for their Bones of What You Believe track “Under the Tide,” one of the few songs sung by Martin Doherty instead of usual frontwoman Lauren Mayberry, the band takes a backseat to a visually stunning anime story about space and loss. The world, it seems, is in some sort of peril, and our astronaut protagonist is seperated from his presumable love. It’s a flashy, trippy space odyssey, and a perfect fit for the trio’s singature electronic and melancholic sound. But does CHVRCHES’ anime video compare to Pharrell wooing an anime teenager? Not quite, but can anything really?

Earlier this week BBC announced that it would be rescoring the moody crime flick Dive, and CHVRCHES contributed what’s only their second new track since their debut album to the effort. Let’s see if that one ever reaches the final frontier.