Cam’ron Is Trying to Stop Ebola With Custom Surgical Masks

Camron Ebola Mask Joke Dipset

As this summer’s Ebola outbreak continues to spread and the general climate around the whole thing creeps closer toward complete global panic, we could use a leader to step up and make us all feel ok. And who better to do so than Cam’ron, who took to Instagram on Thursday to offer his plan for stopping the spread of the gruesome disease: surgical masks with Cam’ron’s face on them. The one problem, obviously, is that Ebola can’t be transmitted through the air, so the masks wouldn’t help too much. But hey, they look pretty cool, so even though the whole thing is winking joke from Killa Cam, it might still be worth your $20. Check a picture below via The Fader and order it over at Cam’s Dipset USA webstore. And who knows, maybe he knows something we don’t. Maybe Dipset could save us all.



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