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Silver-Tinted Teen Patrols Streets in Calvin Harris’ ‘Slow Acid’ Video

calvin harris, slow acid, music video

In Calvin Harris’ new video for his song “Slow Acid,” a silver-painted kid patrols the streets in search of a better shot at life. Armed with only a bottle of liquor and a tiny gun, the teenage tin woman seemingly trips on that titular acid, holds up a convenience store, and sells her body for money. It’s worth sticking around to see the unnamed girl go all Mr. Fantastic with her limbs at the end.

Harris and his director do an excellent job of linking up the story’s ebbs and flows with the opportune beat drops, although the song is, as its title suggest, a slow burn of a track that never quite explodes the way you’d expect. Stream “Slow Acid” above and look for the the highest paid DJ in the world’s new album, Motion, to be released on November 4 with contributions from Ellie Goulding and Gwen Stefani.