Butch Vig: Nirvana Sound Great on ‘Nevermind’ Partly Because of a Space Heater

butch vig nirvana nevermind space heater

According to producer Butch Vig, Nirvana rehearsed 10 hours a day for sixth months before recording Nevermind. Speaking at the Yellow Phone Music Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Garbage drummer explained that the band practiced so much because they wanted to make a great albumand because they were freezing in their crummy apartment. 

“They were living in a really floppy, shitty apartment up in the northwest, and the rehearsal space had a space heater,” Vig explained in his keynote speech. “So they would go in there and it would be warm and they would go in there and play until 10, 11 o’clock at night and then they’d go back to their apartment.” 

Their efforts paid off, as Vig said the recording process went very smoothly, though there was a brief hiccup trying to get Kurt Cobain’s guitar solo to come out just right in “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” 

You can see Vig’s full keynote speech above.



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