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Bleachers Perform Atop Speeding Ice Cream Truck in ‘Rollercoaster’ Video

bleachers, rollercoaster, video, ice cream truck

Bleachers’ latest single is called, “Rollercoaster,” so it’s obvious where the band would set the video so they could experience a rush with the wind in their hair — on a highway atop a speeding ice cream truck, of course. (What did you think it was going to be?)

In the video, Jack Antonoff and his bandmates are driving down a highway in their truck, when they spy a beautiful woman in a convertible. Antonoff is smitten at first sight, so they do the obvious thing to catch her attention and climb up onto the roof to play a song. They manage to not die (though Antonoff told Pitchfork that “the breaks ended up going out and we literally almost died,” while shooting it) and at the end, he hops down to meet his lady on foot. Then the script flips in a funny and progressive way.

Without spoiling too much, maybe there’s a reason why the woman was “playing hard to get.” Check out the video above (via Pitchfork).