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‘God Only Knows’ How Many Musicians Are in This BBC Music Video

BBC Music, God Only Knows, Brian Wilson, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Lorde

If you live across the pond and you’re not yet super-excited for the debut of BBC Music — the omnipresent media conglomerate’s new venture, described in a press release as “the BBC’s strongest commitment to music in 30 years” — this video is gonna do its absolute damnedest to get you there. The commercial (above) for the upcoming initiative features a cast of popular musicians past and present singing the Beach Boys’ perennial love song “God Only Knows,” and everyone is in there.

“What about One Direction?” you may ask. Everyone. “And Brian Wilson, mastermind of the original song?” EVERYONE. “Even Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Wonder, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith and Pharrell Williams for so briefly you’re not even totally sure it’s him?” What part of everyone did you not understand? It’s such a staggering collection of talent from all areas of music that you barely have time to process one jaw-dropping cameo before another one comes sauntering over.

Is it all that compelling musically? Not really, but it has to be seen anyway — just to have its existence verified, if for no other reason — and it certainly conveys the sense of largesse BBC Music was undoubtedly trying to get across. Hell of a thing.