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American Hustle: Nikki Lane on the Value of Honest Work

vans nikki lane

You’d think that having your sophomore album produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach would mean you could quit the hustle of your day job, but if your day job is hustling then it’s something you’re likely to get up for your whole life. On Nikki Lane’s arresting All or Nothin’, the wily Nashville singer-songwriter winds through tales of misbehavin’ over a bed of dusky outlaw country. And while she’s spent much of 2014 touring in support of it, her roots as a designer with an eye for vintage fashions are what’s kept her afloat as she looks to build her following.

In this video, produced by Vans for their series, Lane explains that she’ll “do just about any honest form of making money,” which includes modeling as well as reselling the clothes and antiques she picks up on the road.

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