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Watch the Afghan Whigs Bring Out Usher for ‘Climax’ Duet

The two artists renewed their famous South By Southwest alliance Brooklyn gig

The Afghan Whigs’ seminal 1993 album Gentlemen turned 21 last night, and to commemorate, the Whigs played an anniversary show in Brooklyn and were joined by none other than Usher. Remember, the band has long been known for covering soul songs of both new and old in concert — on their last tour, they worked the chorus of Drake’s “Over My Dead Body” into a spellbinding rendition of their own “When We Two Parted” — and in 2013, they stepped up by actually performing live with Usher at South by Southwest.

Now, the R&B stalwart is apparently good enough buddies with the band to be on-call for a surprise appearance: Usher showed up for the encore of the Whigs’ Brooklyn gig, performing his own masterpiece “Climax” with the band in a moment that was as jaw-dropping and unforgettable as it sounds. Check out the video above — listen closely enough, you can hear us at SPIN shrieking in delight off to the side — and it’s never a bad time to listen to the original “Climax,” so check out the video for that below afterwards.