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Watch the ‘What the Fox Say?’ Guys Advance the Art of Knot-Tying

ylvis the trucker's hitch what the fox say

Last year, the Ylvis brothers took us all on a magical journey to the forests of Norway to explore the mysteries of what the fox had to say, which, as it turns out, was quite a lot. In conjunction with the season premiere of the guys’ Norwegian talk show, they’ve debuted a sweeping new effort called “The Trucker’s Hitch.” In the video above, the Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker take on the song’s titular knot, struggling with its complexities while demonstrating their mastery over basically every other utilitarian rope tangle you’ve ever heard of.

Subjectivity aside, it’s a well-crafted piece of dance pop — no doubt thanks in part to production team StarGate (Rihanna, Katy Perry) — that could foreseeably have some legs on the radio were it not for goofy Ylvis lyrics like, “The double shoelace bow is all I need to know!” or the fatally non-catchy, “But whenever I adjust my sail / Try to loosen it up while I’m docking my boat, I fail.” In addition to the typically rave-y vibes, the song sports a bit of country twang. If you’ll recall, their last creation “Massachusetts” was a very literaly Americana shout-out.

Watch the flannel-favoring video above and maybe learn a thing or two.