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Hear Weird Womb’s Dreggy Punk Daymare ‘Macy’

Weird Womb Laziness Midriff Stream

Just a month after the release of their nostalgically minded 7-inch Ruined by the 90’s, the Brooklyn punks in Weird Womb are set to return with a new EP later this month. Though it’s called Laziness, it’s clearly the result of anything but. They’ve already issued one dreggy single called “Luxury Punks,” but today the quartet returns with another bundle of frayed nerves called “Macy,” a similarly scummy mess of blown out bass riffs and gnarled vocalizations. If this squealing daymare of post-Metz art-punk is the result of laziness, well, you can only imagine what it’d be like if they really tried.

Laziness is out September 23 on Midriff Records.