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Weezer Just Wanna Dance With the ‘Lonely Girl’ in Their New Teaser

Weezer Stream Lonely Girl Tease Everything Will Be Alright

As we all know by now, Weezer’s new album is called Everything Will Be Alright in the End, but considering the length of the pre-release rollout, it’s easy to feel like the end will never come. Instead, the power-pop band keeps teasing us with snippets of tracks every Wednesday set to black-and-white visuals tweaked to look like old home videos being watched by some scientist-type in a lab. Today, the song is “Lonely Girl,” a mid-tempo confession of love directed at a wall flower. “Baby come on, I know how to dance / And I am the only one who ever takes a chance,” Rivers Cuomo sings as two young lovers embrace. Watch and listen above.

As for the story behind these clips, there’s a mystery in the narrative that has yet to reveal itself. But as the release date approaches, the 22 episodes so far seem to comment on Weezer’s initial rise, subsequent “selling out,” and ultimate return to its roots. That, of course, is a theme the album weighs in on as well, at least on one song dubbed “Back to the Shack.” 

The album’s out October 7 now. Flip through the series so far below and speculate at will: