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Stevie Wonder Helped Seth Rogen and James Franco Throw Jimmy Fallon a Birthday Party

Stevie Wonder Jimmy Fallon Seth Rogen James Franco Sir Duke Birthday Video

One of the great things about the level of fame afforded to late night tv hosts is that you can enlist all sorts of A-list friends to come hang out on your show pretty much whenever you want. But rather than throw himself an extravagant party on Friday night, Jimmy Fallon’s staff decided to surprise him for his 40th birthday with some special appearances from some longtime friends—which in this case means a half-naked Seth Rogen and James Franco popping out of a giant cake and Stevie Wonder singing “Happy Birthday.” It’s all quite surreal seeming, and even The Tonight Show host himself seems pretty stunned. You can watch that bit above, but the party continued later when Wonder emerged with the Roots for a horn-laden performance of “Sir Duke.” Catch that below.