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Watch Son Lux Play a Piano Made Out of Safety Razors

Gillette: the best an experimental composer can get

Gillette generally tends to enlist A-list sports stars and actors to peddle their fancy schmancy safety razors, but for their latest campaign they’ve decided to dig a little deeper with none other than composer, producer, and Sufjan Stevens collaborator Son Lux. The man born Ryan Lott is probably best known now for his work with Lorde and Sisyphus, his collaboration with Stevens and the Chicago rapper Serengeti, but he actually got his proper start in the industry composing music for commercials. Gillette let him do his thing on camera due to a fancy contraption they built that uses their razors to press down the piano keys. It’s an ad, sure, but it’s also nothing we’ve ever seen before and it landed a left-field composer and Anticon-affiliate in a mainstream TV advertisement so that’s pretty cool, at least.

Lott most recently produced the forthcoming yMusic album, Balance Problems, out September 30 and featuring compositions by Stevens, Nico Muhly, and many more.