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SOHN Accuses Audi of ‘Borrowing’ His Music, Wants to ‘Borrow’ a Car

SOHN audi commercial song theft

It’s a tale as old as time: a company releases a new TV advertisement featuring a piece of music; an artist hears said music and recognizes it as resembling his or her own; the artist fires off some sort of angry missive about it and/or seeks legal counsel.

Since time is indeed a flat circle and all things repeat themselves, no matter how many lessons are learned along the way, NME reports that the German car company Audi now finds itself accused (song-thief!) following the release of its new Italian car commercial.


At the heart of the argument is the London-born musician SOHN, whom SPIN dubbed a Best New Artists back in January of this year. After the artist born Christopher Taylor watched the aforementioned Audi commercial, he let his fingers fly on Twitter.

The tune in question is SOHN’s “Lessons,” released last year and featured on the musician’s April release Tremors. Here’s that track for an aural comparison.


It seems like a pretty safe bet to say that SOHN has this one correct, but Audi has yet to respond to the singer’s accusations on Twitter.