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Johnny Depp Shreds With a Smile at a Ryan Adams Show

johnny depp ryan adams danzig

Last night, Ryan Adams invited a real-life pirate onstage with him to play a couple of songs. That’s right: Johnny Depp is still trying his hand at the old “music game,” as he joined Adams at Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night for two songs — including a cover of Danzig’s “Mother” — on guitar while wearing a very jaunty fedora.

Johnny gets pretty into the jam, what with his exagerated guitar-playing hand motions and hammy dancing, but who are we to deny a movie star a night’s worth of enjoyment? The Pirates of the Caribbean actor also joined Adams again on “Kim,” a cut from the singer’s new self-titled album.

Last night was not Depp’s first time at the musical rodeo. Earlier this month, the actor popped up in a 30-minute long jam session with musicians like Paul McCartney and Lil Poochie. Two years ago, Depp also joined the Black Keys onstage at the MTV Movie Awards for a performance of “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy.” How soon until we get a solo Depp record?