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Radiohead’s Phil Selway Cries the Pain Away on New Solo Single

philip selway weatherhouse it will end in tears

Phil Selway has become our only source of reliable Radiohead news this day, so the bandmate’s new solo single “It Will End in Tears” can’t help but make us wonder what kind of the famous Oxfordshire innovators have in store for their next album. Taken from Selway’s upcoming sophomore album Weatherhouse, the melancholic “Tears” is structurally robust in a very un-Radiohead-like way. In fact, its poppiness is so pronounced it could’ve found a place on Sam Smith or Ed Sheerhan’s most recent albums, which is in no way a criticism — more a slackjawed appreciation for Selway’s obvious musical talent. Listen to “Tears” below and keep an ear to the ground for any info Selway may have to give about Radiohead’s album during his album’s promotional campaign.