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Primus Teamed With Tool’s Drummer Danny Carey For a Grimy Cover of ‘Ænema’

Primus Teamed With Tool's Drummer Danny Carey For a Grimy Cover of 'Ænema'

To gear up for the release of their Willy Wonka-inspired concept album, Primus have set out on a small string of tour dates bookended by their Riot Fest appearances. Unfortunately, their usual drummer Tim Alexander is at home recovering from heart surgery, but they’ve managed to borrow a more than competent replacement. Drummer Danny Carey, currently on loan from Tool, began his fill-in stint Friday at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall, and the prog-funk pranksters decided to perform a grimy rendition of “Ænema” to celebrate.

Though all that’s surfaced so far is some blown out fan-shot footage, via Consequence of Sound, it looks like a pretty stellar run through of a typically serpentine instrumental. Be sure to watch that above and check out a bonus Carey drum solo below. It’ll hopefully hold you over until Tool manage to free themselves from their complicated legal drama.