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The Pixies Enlist Fans to Direct Dumpster-Diving ‘Ring the Bell’ Video

pixies ring the bell video

In the new trash-diving video for the Pixies‘ Indie Cindy single “Ring the Bell,” two women dig for nostalgic treasures before retreating to a woodsy rave filled with Bingo boards and disco balls. According to, the video’s stars had previously recorded a lip-dub of the Pixies’ “Hey” back in 2005, which apparently stuck with the band long enough that the women — Lital Mizel and Adi Frimmerman — were invited to meet the Pixies at an Israel show several months ago. Mizel and Frimmerman were then offered the chance to direct the dumpster-chic “Bell” video, glowsticks, kazoos, and all. The band itself has gone through a swath of changes recently, but the Pixies plan to hit the road later this month with new touring bassist Paz Lenchantin following the departure of longtime member Kim Deal.