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Pharrell Woos an Anime Teenager in His ‘It Girl’ Video


The new video for Pharrell’s song “It Girl” is pretty much just a dating sim. It was directed by Mr. Fantasia Utamaro (sure) as a cartoon game in which Pharrell has his choice of girls to pursue. Little animated Pharrell skateboards, buys gifts, and takes a boat ride in space to win his girl’s heart. It’s cute (or kawaii, as Japanese fans might say) but it’s also deeply upsetting, because Pharrell is 41 years old, and the girl he’s trying to get with looks like this:

Yes, this type of anime is super-stylized, but even so this girl is, at most, probably 16 years old. Pharrell still gets a pass because this video is just a cartoon after all, and because he still looks like he’s 20 years old in real life. Pharrell’s album G I R L is on sale now.