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Gummy Candy, Sex Toys, and Glitter: Inside Miley Cyrus’ ‘Art Exhibition’

miley cyrus dirty hippie art nyfw jeremy scott

Miley Cyrus is a Dirty Hippie. It is also quite possible that the drug-chic inspiration Cyrus took from her involvement in the Flaming Lips’ new music video encouraged her to experimentwith “art” a little too freely. Judging solely by the so-called “Dirty Hippie” pieces the “Wrecking Ball” singer exhibited as part of the Jeremy Scott show at New York Fashion Week last night, Cyrus may want to pull a Beyoncé and take a year off to clear her head (and take some art classes). Below, find some of Miley’s pieces taken from the performer’s Instagram page alongside the greatest comments — and insults — people made. Spoiler: the disses are more fun than the actual “art.”

Comment: “What kind of art is this? Is this a cry for help, like some kind of childhood PTSD or something”

Comment: “Looks like shit my preschoolers bring home. Is this real life?”

Comment: “I don’t think sticking candy wrappers, sunglasses and rave shit to a radio topped with glitter is art and it annoys me that it’s given a glass display box as well because you probably made it on your kitchen floor with a glue gun. Rave throw up. That’s all.”

Comment: “You think this looks cool?! You look like an idiot.”

To close things out, here’s 2 Chainz taking a peek at a Dirty Hippie dildo that Miley designed. Do with that information what you will.