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M83 Gets Wildly Sensual in New Video for ‘The Cold I’m Standing’

M83 In The Cold I'm Standing Video Before The Dawn Heals Us Rissue

While Anthony Gonzalez of M83 busies himself on film scores and soundtracks (and hopefully a new album), Mute has re-released the project’s first three albums. To coincide with the reissues, the label has been dropping new videos for old songs, abstract and dramatically shot in slow-motion.

Where last month’s “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun” clip was based around a couple falling through space in a car accident, the new video for “In The Cold I’m Standing” (also from M83’s third studio album, 2005’s Before The Dawn Heals Us) shows two lovers passionately entranced in their attraction. There’s nudity a bit past to the shoulders, fire, a sensual “the air you breathe is the air I breathe” kind of message, and the primal eroticism only an eagle-in-flight can properly portray. Watch it above or click through to the YouTube page for all purchase links.